Suspension of disbelief (2)

On further reflection, I am moved to wonder whether certain Labour bloggers (many of the denizens of Harry’s Place spring immediately to mind, amongst others) would have been as outspoken in their support of the mayor of London, if said mayor had happened to be a Tory?

Whatever, I still think it’s outrageous that a board explicitly set up to investigate corruption actually ends up doing stuff like this. Ourageous, but somehow unsurprising.

But the true danger is, when liberty is nibbled away, for expedients, and by parts.
Edmund Burke, Letter to Sheriffs (II 249)

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  1. Longrider » Coalitions and Collectives Says:

    [...] Doctor Vee has criticised Bob Piper’s remarks about Liberty Central. He chose to take a somewhat sarcastic approach, but there is an underlying point worth exploring. A point I see that has now been picked up by Pete. [...]

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