First past the post

Well, that’s a relief. We are an Accredited Museum Service (or rather, a Museums Service which runs Accredited Museums). The MLA Accreditation Panel met on Friday, but I didn’t find out till yesterday. Apparently we were the first item on the list so… it may only be by twenty minutes or so, but technically we were the first local authority museum service in Scotland to achieve Accreditation*. Yay! Go us! First is still first, and second is nowhere! Win! Win!! etc.

Hmmm, seem to have used up a full months quota of exclamation marks there.

Still, this is a good result, as we are a small service and we put in a lot of hard work to bring everything together, including rushing round at the very last minute to get papers signed and faxed off. Well done everyone. You can all have next week off.

*The Gordon Highlanders Museum was actually the first Scottish Museum to get Accreditation, but they aren’t a local authority service - a situation with both disadvantages and distinct advantages.

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