Sleepless in San Francisco

‘Well, I’m back’, he said. And in San Francisco, in the hotel and ready for Museums and the Web 2007 (now with added me). The paper is online, the presentation is (pretty much) done, and I haven’t slept for over forty hours. I went to bed at 11.30pm on Monday (UK time), but just could not get to sleep - and I had to get up at 3am anyway to make the first flight down to London from Edinburgh. So I’ve been awake since about 10am on Monday and my clock (and body) think it’s now 2.20am on Wednesday. You may think this is all my own fault - couldn’t I have slept on the plane? I’ve never been able to do that, somehow. Still I did see a number of films, including Night at the Museum which was really rather fun. And we had the added excitement of the San Francisco police coming on to the plane when we landed before anyone was allowed to disembark. Immigration and customs though was much quicker than in Chicago last year, and it was just a quick trip on Bart and a short walk to the hotel. I can hear the clanging of the cable car bells outside - which reminds me: I must set the alarm on my phone. And so to bed.

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