(T)Ruth will out

Just exactly how greedy are New Labour ministers? And why do so many of them (and their partners / spouses / significant others / hangers-on) seem to see political office as nothing more than a means of personal enrichment?

Thanks to A Logical Voice for the link.

[Edit] Forgot to add a quote :

Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance.
Woodrow Wilson

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  1. Longrider Says:

    “The Department for Education and Skills said the money claimed was “in strict accordance with rules set out by the Fees office”.”

    Meaning, what, exactly?

    Oh, I know, “I’d rather not answer that question, if you don’t mind..”

  2. Pete Says:

    And bearing in mind this is her claiming expenses on a second home in her constituency, when her first home is in London anyway. On top of her £134,000 salary.

    Remember of course that Blair himself claimed £43,000 in expenses over the course of three years on his constituency house. That he paid £30,000 for. But it’s OK, as he was able to investigate and exonerate himself, so no problem. Definitely not.

    THere’s a suggestive pattern of behaviour here. And people are beginning to wake up to it.

  3. Truth Seeker Says:

    Thanks for the link, I was always told from being very young that absolute power corrupts, and that power corrupts absolutely. This phrase seems to apply just as much today as ever before.

  4. Bob Piper Says:

    I love libertarians who succeed in finding people guilty despite not knowing all the facts, and reserve the right to criticise others as ‘authoritarian’. Pray tell us the details of this ‘corruption, Truth Seeker? Oh, and by the way, whoever taught you that quote at such a tender age should have taken the trouble to teach you correctly.

    Still quoting them good old hypocritical liberals I see. Wikipedia says of Woodrow Wilson: “After the war, in 1919, major strikes and race riots broke out. In the Red Scare, his attorney general ordered the Palmer Raids to deport foreign born agitators and jail domestic ones. In 1918, Wilson had the Socialist leader Eugene V. Debs arrested for trying to discourage enlistment in the army.”

    So that’s where he worked out that “The history of liberty is a history of resistance.”

  5. Truth Seeker Says:

    Councillor Piper, or perhaps I should call you “One of the members of the rotting party who is helping to prop up the criminals in charge, and therefore is partly to blame for the levels of outright law breaking and appalling human rights abuses”? in response to your post, 2 points:

    Regarding the actual post over at A Logical Voice, where did I declare the Blairite sycophant guilty? Please point it out for me:

    How do you account for the £50,000 gap?

    I’m sure it’s all really just a misunderstanding Piper, nothing to see here, just those nasty “lefties” attempting to smear the good name of the whiter than white Labour Party who could do absolutely nothing wrong, would never stab their own supporters in the back repeatedly, while the stupid fools stand there taking it, and would never condone torture, oh, except if someone else carries it out, and then they can claim anything said as “evidence” in a court ey?

    You should be ashamed of yourself Piper, I have nothing but contempt for you, and your rotten party.

  6. Bob Piper Says:

    Calm down, calm down Mr Seeker, you’ll have yourself a seizure. You liberals do get excited don’t you. Who on earth called you a leftie? Certainly not me, I thought you were one of those social democrat students.

  7. Truth Seeker Says:

    You do make rather a lot of assumptions don’t you. From your comments so far, they have been false.

  8. Bob Piper Says:

    I have to make assumptions when people hide behind ridiculous aliases. Much as you may despise Labour, and much as e may mock your futility, I have to stand up and be counted for my views. As far as I’m concerned, they can take, or leave them. When you stand on your views, be they libertarian Tory, authoritarian Stalinist or loyal to your boots trot, then I might take you seriously. Until then, it’s back to doing whatever it is you do. Errm, nothing!

  9. Truth Seeker Says:

    How ironic, a Labourite who is repeatedly stabbed in the back like a stupid fool, yet continues to stick with the party regardless (yes, I have read your blog in the past) is giving me a lecture on standing up for your views!

    Have I not stood up for my views by refusing to pledge my allegiance to party before anything else, and speaking out on issues I believe are important?

    Look in the mirror Piper, it is yourself who cannot be taken seriously, and your party which is undermining democracy in this country. But how typically New Labourite of you to twist things to suit yourself, something many politicians are good at.

    Standing for your views? That’s exactly the opposite of what you’re doing Piper, you’re obviously only interested in the power, just like many politicians, and you don’t like the truth do you?

  10. Bob Piper Says:

    It’s a strange thing power, isn’t it. All those right wingers, seeking power, oppressing the poor truth seeker. But it is those who put forward their views to the people, the ones who stands on their views, and fall by them if necessary, who are undermining democracy. But the ‘truth seeker’ doesn’t stand. The ridiculous and self-appointed ‘truth seeker’ hides in his bedroom with his keyboared and monitor, and HE is preserving democracy.

    “refusing to pledge my allegiance to party” you say… in your cop out to avoid doing one measely thing for anyone. You are a joke… a self appointed, self important little joke. Get a proper life, why don’t you?

  11. Truth Seeker Says:

    Once again a falsehood Piper, I have stood on my principles, and in elections, and you still haven’t addressed the subject of this post, which is that £50,000 gap.

    Typical politician, attack and libel anyone who dares raise questions, and don’t address the subject, but that’s the New Labour way now isn’t it? And you lot are surprised at the so called “apathy” towards you? Your answer to measly turnouts and your party’s lack of a mandate at the general election lies partly with yourself Piper.

  12. Bob Piper Says:

    So, tell us, truthfull one… where did you stand on your principles… and what was your mandate? I’m game for a laugh. As for Kelly’s 50 grand, I have no idea other than the clip in last weekend’s newspapers which seemed to disappear as quick as it appeared, which would appear to throw some doubt over its authenticity. But then, some people believe everything (they want to) read in the press.

  13. Truth Seeker Says:

    I’m bored with your falsehoods Piper, you obviously have absolutely no intention of actually addressing the issue here. I have attempted to address the point twice, while you prefer to go off on another tangent. You’re a troll, and if this was my blog, nasty little trolls like you would quickly be deleted.

  14. dearieme Says:

    Oh, be fair. The poor girl is only saving up for all the school fees that she’ll be paying once she’s out of office.

  15. Longrider Says:

    Looks like the despicable SPAM bots have hit you. You might want to try the bad behaviour plugin.

  16. Pete Says:

    Yes. A bit difficult at the moment as I am in the US in a hotel. Do you have a url for the plugin?

  17. Longrider Says:

    Yup: here

    Just upload to your plugins folder, activate it and forget it.

    I also use akismet, which came bundled with WordPress. That stops the odd one that gets past Bad Behaviour, which, so far, is none… ;)

  18. Pete Says:

    Brill. Thanks – I’m flying back tomorrow, so I’ll set it up on Monday.

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