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Sound of Museums Revisited

Monday, March 17th, 2008

List Ev’ry Object
List ev’ry object
Search high and low
Name, location, donor,
And all you need to know
List ev’ry object
Make sure your scheme
Will comply with Spectrum.
It’s like a bad dream.
A scheme that will list
All the stuff in the store.
It would not be so bad
If it weren’t such a bore.
List ev’ry object
Make sure your scheme
Will comply with Spectrum
It’s like [...]

Title fight

Monday, May 15th, 2006

Once upon a time I used to do really curatorial things - cataloguing collections, researching and writing exhibitions, rooting through the collections* - all the interesting things I’ve referred to elsewhere. One of the penalties of increasing management responsibility is that you end up doing less and less of what you came into museums to [...]

Sense of history

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Right back at the beginning of this blog I wrote about the experience which more than any other led me to working in museums. Now while that fixed in my head the value, the importance, of objects as the physical link to our past, it must be admitted that very few museums will provide that [...]

The Sound of Museums (revisited)

Sunday, August 28th, 2005

I wrote these a while ago, but I think they really belong here. After reading a report on how museum pay, particularly that of curators, has been falling begind that of comparable sectors, I was inspired to begin a parody of ‘Maria’ from the Sound of Music (suitably re-titled ‘Career’):
[The scene: a department of Museum [...]

…everything else is just hearsay

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

It’s refreshing to see more emphasis being placed on collections again by the Museums profession, though how long it will last is anyone’s guess. These things seem to go in cycles, but I suspect that it’s more to do with either boredom (we’ve done that kind of thing to death, let’s move on to something [...]